Sanctuary Sanitarium management and team would like to advise you that we will be closing our medical practice and services on
Friday 29 January 2016

We commenced serving the community in Pyrmont in 2010 and believe we had the pleasure and opportunity to make a real and positive difference to this community. Our team of caring professionals have enjoyed being part of the local service community and offering our clients support for their health and wellbeing.

Through Sanctuary, we have gained valuable insights into community health and experience in developing practical local community programs. Whilst Sanctuary Medical Practice has not been a long-term viable model for us, we aim to take these learnings into future health and wellbeing programs we are developing.

The care of our clients will continue to be our primary focus and patients will be able to continue attending appointments with Sanctuary Practitioners until 29 January 2016. In saying this, staff and practitioners will start to transition prior to this date. We ask for your patience and understanding as there may be some disruption during this time. Our practitioners will inevitability keep practicing at other rooms/clinics. Some have other rooms already and will advise their patients of these. Others are in the process on securing facilities. We will progressively advise you below where our practitioners will be practising. 

Over the past five years, additional medical and health services have been established within the local area, so we feel assured that the community will be able to continue to access quality health care and support. We will also communicate information (below) regarding any Sanctuary practitioners who may be relocating or establishing their services nearby.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you as our community for supporting us. Together we have been part of the journey that has developed Pyrmont into a vibrant community.

Current Patients:

  • We ask that you please take note of the following information.
  • Patients will still be able to make appointments and see our practitioners up until the end of January. Some practitioners have already elected to transition to other rooms and/or reduce hours so please keep up to date of changes on this website.
  • All patients will be notified via mail and/or email and asked where they would like their GP medical records forwarded. You may request the transfer of your medical records by filling in and returning this form
  • All allied health medical records will be kept with the treating Practitioner. Alternatively, you can inform us directly by emailing or by mail. Please provide your name, address and DOB. If you do not notify us of your preference we will advise where these records can be accessed in due course.

New Patients:

  • Please note that our GPs have closed their books to new patients at this time but will make exceptions for emergencies or cases of special consideration. Please speak to our reception staff if you believe you qualify.

New Opening Times

  • Our new operating hours are 8am to 5 pm Mon - Fri. This means that we will no longer be able to offer evening appointments. We apologise for this inconvenience.

GPs and Allied Health Practitioners

(list will be updated progressively)

Dr Simone Kooke

  • Sanctuary – Mondays only (until 29/1/16)
  • Doctors on Darling – Tues & Thurs
    Address: 3 Montague Street, Balmain. Phone: 80682490

Dr Tammy Goldberg

  • Sanctuary – last day of practice on 10/12/15
  • Eastbrooke Clovelly Family Medical Practice - Mon, Tues & Wed
  • Address: Suite 1, 210 Clovelly Road, Clovelly, Phone: 9664 1333

Dr Sophie Vavladelis

  • Sanctuary – last day of practice 16/11/15

Dr Andrew Pennington

  • Sanctuary – last day of practice 29/1/16
  • Dr Pennington is planning on starting his own practice and will be continuing the Sanctuary name. The practice will likely be on the north shore between Gordon and Hornsby. He is planning to have the practice up and running by early April. If you would like to contact Dr Pennington to know more details about the practice, transferring medical records or consulting him at the new practice, you can email him on:
    Please note that this is for administrative use, and not for clinical questions"
Emma Spicer - Podiatrist
  • Sanctuary – last day of practice 29/1/16 
  • Head to Toe Health
  • Address 146/313 Harris St Pyrmont, Phone: 9518 7577
Eva Fera - Clinical Psychologist
  • Sanctuary – last day of practice 29/1/16 
  • Contact directly: Mobile: 0400 363 390
Michael Hasson - Physiotherapist
Roger Dunphy - Clinical Psychologist
  • Rozelle Total Health
  • Address 579 Darling Street Rozelle, Phone:9087 4600
  • Contact directly: Email:
Steven Dottori - Naturopath & Massage Therapist
Stuart Duff - Massage Therapist
  • Sanctuary – last day of practice  29/1/16
  • Contact directly: Email: Mobile: 0400 041 857
Marike Joubert – Dietitian

Should you have any questions regarding the closure of our facility, please do not hesitate to contact us at Sanctuary on 02 9506 0400.