Antenatal Shared Care

Antenatal Shared Care means that during the course of your pregnancy you visit the hospital on a couple of occasions for specifically nominated checks and screens while your General Practitioner does the remainder of the monitoring. Together the hospital and your General Practitioner “share your care”.

At Sanctuary, Dr Tammy Goldberg and Dr Andrew Pennington are accredited in providing Antenatal Shared Care for women proposing to have their babies at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Canterbury Hospital, and Bankstown Hospital.

Comprehensive and effective communication between our GPs and the hospital ensures not only continuity of care but that you feel comfortable and confident.

Antenatal Shared Care can often be more convenient as it may reduce travelling time, waiting time at the hospital and time away from work and family.

At Sanctuary the initial appointment to discuss your pregnancy requires a 30 minute consultation.

Please contact reception on 02 9506 0400 if you have any other questions about Antenatal Shared Care or to book an initial appointment with one of our GPs.