Lifestyle Dietitian

Marike Joubert
- Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)
- Bachelor of Science (Nutrition)
- Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics
- Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Australian Institute of Fitness)
- ISAK Training Course – Level One Anthropometrist

Marike has a passion for health and people.  She is a graduate from Curtin University in Western Australia, and has worked in both private practice and hospital settings.

Areas Marike specialises include: weight loss, chronic disease management, insulin resistance, liver disease, lactose or gluten intolerance, irritable bowel related issues, fatigue, pregnancy, paediatrics, sports nutrition and vegetarian or vegan based nutrition. 

Along with her dietetic position, Marike has gained experience through her employment as a research assistant for REFRESH (reminder on Exercise, Food, Relaxation and enlisting Support to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle).  This is a community-based intervention, which aims to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviours in new mums in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Marike has completed a Sports Nutrition Course at the Australian Institute of Sport, and has gained her ISAK certificate in Anthropometry. 

She has a keen interested in the area of plant proteins, and hopes to further explore this area and how it relates to weight loss, sport performance, and paediatric formulas.  She plans to make a scientific contribution to this field by completing a PhD in the near future. She is a passionate public speaker, and has spoken to a range of university, church and corporate audiences on health.  She has been interviewed and quoted by journalists from Prevention Magazine, the Healthy Food Guide and the Sydney Observer. 

Marike is a true believer in living life to the fullest and is one that loves the outdoors and is always keen for adventure.  In her free time, Marike loves to travel, read and play her guitar. Marike understands that the physical also touches the emotional and social aspect of people's lives and therefore strives to provide a holistic perspective.  Marike would love to meet you and help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals!

Specialist Services
  • General health and wellbeing
  • Weight management
  • PCOS and insulin resistance management
  • Diabetes (Type 1 and 2) and blood sugar control
  • Cholesterol management
  • Sport nutrition
  • IBS and reflux management
  • Low FODMAPs diet approach
  • Fatigue
  • Vegan/Vegetarian eating
  • Supermarket tours
  • Cooking workshops
  • Public speaking

Professional Memberships
  • Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)

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