Health Assessments

Healthy Kids Check for 4 Year Old Children

If your child has had their third birthday and has not yet turned five, you may wish to arrange for them to have a free Healthy Kids Check provided by Sanctuary. A Healthy Kids Check is available to all children at or around the time of their 4 year old immunisation and helps to ensure that children are healthy, fit and ready to learn when they start school. The aim of the Healthy Kids Check is to improve the health and well-being of Australian children and promote early detection of lifestyle risk factors, delayed development and illness. It also provides the opportunity to discuss with your Sanctuary doctor or practice nurse guidance on healthy lifestyles and early intervention strategies for your child.

Health Assessment for people aged 45-49 years

Are you between 45 and 49 years old? You may be eligible for a free health assessment. The Health Assessment for people aged 45-49 years is a free health check provided by your Sanctuary GP. The assessment is completed if the GP thinks you may be at risk of developing a chronic disease such as diabetes or heart disease.

Health Assessment for People aged 75 Years and Older

If you are aged 75 years and over, and are living in the community, you are eligible for this free Health Assessment at Sanctuary. The assessment is made up of a number of questions looking at all areas of your health & well-being. Part of the assessment involves discussing your home environment to assess your living arrangements to see if they are safe and if there is any additional help you may need.

If you or someone in your family is eligible for one of these health assessments please call to book an appointment on 02 9506 0400 or request an appointment here.