Our Philosophy

Enjoying life's journey

At Sanctuary, we believe that true health means living a full and abundant life and free – as much as possible - from the burden of disease...it is about living more. We believe that understanding about and caring for our health can be a rich and rewarding experience...providing the energy, vitality and positive sense of self-worth needed to enjoy happy, healthy living. At Sanctuary, the focus is on the prevention, management and control of disease, health promoting activities, and enjoying life to the full through meaningful, purposeful living.

Our unique approach to health and wellbeing

We inspire and empower people to enjoy a wholistic lifestyle that proactively values their whole being – body, mind, heart and spirit. Our approach is unique and is grounded in:

Genuine care...flowing from our heartfelt belief in the infinite value of each person, our team are passionate about supporting people to experience happy, healthy, whole person living.

Whole person health...we embrace the health and wellbeing of the "whole person" – i.e. their physical health, thoughts, emotions, motivations, relationships, connection with the community and environment, spirituality and a sense of meaning, purpose and hope in life.

Integrated health care...we bring together conventional medicine and complementary therapies and ensure that our practitioners take an inter-professional approach that enables the best outcomes from client-centred, integrated health care.

Continuity of care...we support people at all stages of their health journey – from the diagnosis/assessment, treatment, management and prevention of disease to the enhancement of wellbeing...helping people to live more.

Genuine effectiveness...we are committed to delivering health care through a portfolio of outcomes-focused services which have been demonstrated to making a real and positive difference to health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a new way of looking at healthcare, an approach we at Sanctuary believe shows particular promise for the improved management of many of the health issues faced by individuals and communities in modern urban life.

Lifestyle medicine is based on the idea that medical practice should not be confined to the treatment of patients who already show symptoms of chronic disease. Rather, its scope should be widened to educate and skill patients before they experience disease.

Aiming to bridge the gap between clinical practice and public health, lifestyle medicine is defined as "the application of medical, motivational, behavioural and environmental principles to the management of lifestyle-related health problems in a clinical setting"1

The approach recognised the true causes of chronic disease run far deeper than high risk factors or heredity tendencies, but is rather a cascade of diet and lifestyle choices, which are often by-products of a high paced urban life.

The multidisciplinary services and programs offered at Sanctuary are consistent with the reliance of lifestyle medicine on the engagement and participation of the patient, guided by their clinician and allied health professionals, as part of a coordinated healthcare team. We are dedicated to promoting a broader focus on disease prevention and reversal, believing so much more can be done than simply treating the symptoms of your disease or condition.

Consider our range of health and wellbeing services and wholistic health programs to see how our team at Sanctuary can become actively involved in your true health.

1. Egger G, Binns A, Rosser S. Lifestyle Medicine. Sydney: McGraw-Hill Australian, 2008.


"Being involved in the well-being and advancement of one's own community is a most natural thing to do." - Clarence Clemons