"I just saw Dr Tammy and she is the kindest and loveliest dr i have ever seen! Beautiful surgery and very friendly staff!!" - Satisfied GP Client (Posted on Sanctuary Facebook wall)

"I really like the centre - gorgeous space, airy, clean, professional, competent doctors who look like they do triathlons during lunchtime. Warm and lovely receptionist/reception area" - Sanctuary GP Client (Google Maps Review)

"Hello Sanctuary Team, although so far I have had only 2 massages at Sanctuary, I am absolutely certain that I will be back for more. I even surprised my partner with a massage for a birthday present and he really enjoyed it. I just found out that you are also offering Skin Health Services, which I am very excited about and I am very much looking forward to trying out. All the best and lots of success for the future.”  - Sanctuary Massage Client

"Sanctuary is such a great wholistic health learning experience to which everyone should try" - Employee treated by company to massage, corporate meeting and health check

“I really enjoyed meeting the team at Sanctuary and found that their approach to be a nice balance between professionalism and friendliness. I could tell that the staff were engaged and enjoyed their work. The name ‘Sanctuary’ really captures the essence of the place and what people can feel in the middle of busy lives a in a busy city. I would like to thank all involved for the day. All of the segments I found to be a benefit and there was a lot that I could take away and apply in my quest for health and wellbeing.” - Corporate meeting and team building day

“The massage had to be the highlight of the day for me. I was so relaxed at the end of it that I almost had to be peeled off the massage table.” - Studio Package including 30min massages for all employees.

"I Just wanted to recognise the guys at Sanctuary for creating a healthy social activity that's now becoming a habit! My friend and I, after attending a "Weeknight Meals in 15 mins" cooking class have now started jogging together after work and then cooking the delicious meals, post-workout. The meals are tasty and don't take long so it suits us perfectly - thanks for the ideas and keep up the good work! : )"  - Delighted Cooking Workshop Client (Posted on Sanctuary Facebook wall)

"I recently visited Sanctuary to see a GP as I was quite unwell. I met with Dr Sophie and she was fantastic - very professional, kind and thorough and helped me get better quickly. I also had some tests done by nurse Anjanette and found her also to be very friendly, helpful and professional. I live in the area and will continue to come to Sanctuary for all of my medical issues" - Sanctuary GP Client

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