Massage Therapies

Sanctuary Massage Therapies

Swedish Massage

Richly relaxing massage incorporating long, flowing strokes towards the heart to increase circulation and gently release tension and stress.

Remedial Massage

Often used to treat a specific complaint, our remedial massage uses deep, localised techniques to promote circulation and allow faster soft tissue healing.

Pregnancy Massage

A safe treatment to relieve the body changes and extra tension that pregnancy brings for mums-to-be. The joy of pregnancy is life-changing for all involved. In bearing a child you undergo many physical, mental and emotional changes. These changes can create stress and tension as the body accommodates your growing child and prepares for birth. Muscle spasm and tension especially of the lower back can all be alleviated with pregnancy massage. Note: Massage is not recommended in the first trimester. 

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep and firm massage using myofascial release and trigger-point therapy. This is a great way to release deep-seated tension in the muscles and enhance performance especially for the active and sports minded person.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

Desk jobs, long working hours, incorrect sitting positions all add to body discomfort in these areas prone to stiffness and tightness. Feel lighter and brighter with immediate tension release.

Only For The Feet Massage

In a world where all we do is stand, run, walk and lift – our feet support us the entire way. A stimulating scrub and pressure point foot massage can lead to a feeling of revitalisation throughout your entire body.

The Aroma Massage

Our sense of scent is the most enduring of our senses and has the power to transform our emotions. Choose from a selection of healing oils that are relaxing, energising, stress-reducing, balancing…these blends are applied to the skin via a relaxing massage.

Hot Stone Massage

A specialty massage that uses smooth heated stones. It's ideal for people who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage as the heat relaxes muscles, allowing the Therapist to work the tension without using deep pressure. 

How it helps

Some perceive massage as a luxury. But for our tired, stressed and aching bodies it can be a necessity. Benefits of massage include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Reduced muscle tension and feelings of 'stress'
  • Increased immunity and reduced sickness
  • Improved exercise recovery
  • Improved circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid
  • Improved feelings of overall wellbeing
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