Pyrmont Surrounds

Timeless appeal

Set amongst the green of community parkland and overlooking Johnstons Bay, Sanctuary occupies a unique heritage building. Once the Colonial Sugar Refinery workshop in 1901, the interior has been carefully refurbished to retain the beautiful heritage elements of the original building and offer clients access to quality health facilities in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Local history

Originally occupied by the Cadigal Aboriginals, the area around Sanctuary was referred to as Pirrama or "rocking stone". People used its high ground to spot prey and fished from its fertile waters, chipping oysters from the rocky shoreline.

After English settlement, the area was named Pyrmont by a lady visiting the area on a picnic in 1806, who, noticing the natural spring and beauty of the area, stated that it reminded her of the spa town of Pyrmont in Germany. By the 1890's, Pyrmont had become the industrial hub of Sydney, with its shores dominated by shipyards, sandstone quarries, wool stores, refineries and distilleries.

Today, Pyrmont is a thriving centre for media, IT and creative industries with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and strong sense of community.

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